Mission, Vision, Values and Goals


HALMED's mission is to protect and promote public health through the regulation of medicinal products and medical devices.


Our vision for HALMED is to become one of the key and recognizable factors of the health system, providing the public of the Republic of Croatia with safe, effective and quality medicinal products and medical devices through professional and regulatory excellence.


  • We are competent
    We perform our legal tasks in a professional and scientific manner. We pay special attention to personal development with the only aim of achieving an appropriate knowledge level that will enable us to efficiently evaluate issues related to the safety and quality of medicines and medical devices.
  • We are patient and public health oriented
    The patient and their needs are always the focus of our interest, bearing in mind that only high quality work, as well as prompt reactions contributes to public health wellbeing.
  • We are a European agency
    With our committed work in the European bodies for medicines and medical devices, we actively contribute to the development and strengthening of the regulatory framework, thus ensuring the availability of exclusively those medicines and medical devices with an indispensable quality and safety profile.
  • We are committed to our tasks
    We collaborate closely with the users of our services by insisting on a partner relationship and a professional approach. We do not consider comments from our clients as criticism but rather as a possibility to improve the quality system, which we are permanently building upon.
  • We are open to new findings
    We closely follow the latest achievements in science and technology that contribute to the treatment of all diseases, notably the rare and severe ones. We recognise all new findings that lead to innovative approaches in the development and use of medicines and medical devices.
  • We are ethical
    We perform our committed tasks persistently, maintaining high ethical standards. We know that we are guided by the principles that are oriented towards the protection of the rights of society as a whole, with a special emphasis on the patients who in a given moment should have access to the most beneficial medicines and medical devices.


  1. To contribute to the safety and quality of medicines and medical devices through effective risk management and market surveillance.
  2. To improve provided services within a high quality, risk-based regulatory framework.
  3. To deliver transparent, pertinent and well-timed communications to patients, the public and healthcare professionals.
  4. To strengthen capacities as a response to developing regulatory requirements and scientific and technological advances.
  5. To participate in medicines and medical devices policy and legislation development for the benefit of public health at the national and EU level.